Tethered UAV

CableGuard is unmanned system for limitless observation of strategic areas. Innovative ground tethered power system (U.S. patent protected) allows CableGuard for continous observation or measurement from an altitude of 100 metres. When there is a need for dynamic flight the cable is automatically detached and furled, giving the UAV its full mobility.


All systems components (UAV, ground powerstation, antenna tracker, GCS) were designed with the toughest weather conditions in mind

Additional Battery

Inbuilt battery lets CableGuard continue it's flight for up to 30 minutes after detachment. Battery replacement takes less than 30s

Long Range Transmission

Tracking antenna with digital, encrypted video and data link allows for up to 10 km of range on EU standards (CE) and 15 km on US standards (FCC)


Thanks to the universal payload mount, attaching both our modules and those requested by the customer is not a problem

Unlimited mobility

The ease and speed of assembling individual elements of the set allows for trouble-free transport

Tethered power

Hight voltage supply system allows the power transmission to the drone by a lightweight and durable cable. Thanks to this solution, UAV can stay in the air 24/7

Technical Specification


Drone type (frame)


Maximum take-off weight

16 kg

Maximum Payload

5 kg

Operational range

up to 15 km

Deployment time

10 minutes


Carbon fibre, fiberglass

Tether Endurance

up to 30 days


CUBE Orange or Veronte 1X ( DO-178B, DO-254 )

Wireless data transmission

P2P, LTE Satellite Radio Communication

IP Rating


Flight Characteristic

Battery Flight Endurance

up to 30 minutes

Maximum speed

60 km/h

Wind resistance

13 m/s

Maximum tether altitude


Operational Temperature

-20/+50 °C

Take-off/Landing type

Vertical, possible from a moving platform

Landing accuracy

1 m


Remote controller

Flyfocus GCS

Vision systems

3-Axis EO/IR 30x zoom Gimbal / Nighthawk 2 / custom

Safety systems

ADSB transponder, Emergency Parachute (Optional)

Optional payloads

Upon request