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First UAV of this class with unlimited mobility and flight time.

Innovative ground tethered power system (U.S. patent pending) allows CableGuard for continuous observation of a strategic area from an altitude of 50 meters. When there is a need for a dynamic flight the cable is automatically detached and furled. After the mission, the UAV may be reconnected to the ground power unit.

cableguard photo

The system:

Photo of the platform


Innovative UAV

  • waterproof
  • modular construction – high configurability
  • great thrust to weight ratio – various kinds of additional modules may be attached
  • retractable landing gear – unobstructed camera field of view
  • 8 motors – can be safely landed even with 2 motors disabled
  • folding arms – easily transportable
  • advanced autopilot – huge autonomy abilities
  • 30 minutes of flight on the inbuilt battery
  • maximum speed – 60km/h
Photo of the gimbal tracker


Multifunctional observation system

  • waterproof
  • 3-axis stabilization
  • weight: 850g
  • fullHD camera with 10x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom
  • IR 640p camera with 4x digital zoom
  • universal mount and signal connector
  • RS232 TTL and Ethernet interfaces
Photo of the antenna tracker

Antenna tracker

Reliable transmission

  • waterproof
  • transmission range up to 10 km (CE) or 15 km (FCC)
  • 2-axis UAV tracking
  • 3 degrees precision
  • ethernet and wireless conectivity with GCS
  • digital, encrypted video and data transmission
Photo of the ground power unit

Ground power station

Power system

  • waterproof
  • surface-air power system – unlimited hover time
  • light and durable cable – up to 70 meters of altitude
  • constant cable tension – better strong wind resistance
  • automatic cable furling - the possibility of disconnecting the power supply at any time and switching the UAV into battery mode
  • compact and strong construction - trouble-free transport
  • Mains or portable generator powered (110/230V)
Photo of the ground control station

Flight control

Ground control station

  • rainproof
  • two joysticks and buttons for UAV and camera control
  • toughbook with fligh planning and control software
  • inbuilt battery allows for 6 hours of work
  • powered from mains or portable generator 110/230V
  • connector for powering Antenna Tracker

CableGuard features

that will ensure Your safety 24/7


All system components (UAV, ground power station, antenna tracker, GCS) were designed with the toughest weather conditions in mind.

Long range transmission

Tracking antenna with digital, encrypted video and data link allows for up to 10km of range in Europe (CE) and 15km in USA (FCC).

fully autonomous

UAV was equiped with an advanced autopilot and additional computer unit. Such a combination allows for creating even the most complicated autonomous missions through simple graphical user interface.

tethered power

High voltage power supply system developed by our company allows the transmission of electricity to the drone by a lightweight and durable 70 meter long cable. Thanks to this solution, UAV can stay in the air 24/7.

additional battery

Inbuilt battery lets CableGuard continue it's flight for up to 30 minutes after detachment. Battery exchange after landing takes less than 30s.

unlimited mobility

The ease and speed of assembling individual elements of the set allows for trouble-free transport and changing the place of observation within a dozen or so minutes.


All critical systems used for orientation in space have been doubled, and in some cases tripled. Autopilot has a coprocessor of safety that allows safe landing in the event of failure of the main unit. The Failsafe function allows the drone to return home in case of radio communication failure.


Thanks to the universal mount of task heads, attaching both our modules and those inveted by the customer is not a problem.

Drone As a Service

Unmanned aerial vehicles are no longer a product. They are a service.

fixed operating cost

continuous maintenance and service of the system

always the most modern equipment

latest features and solutions

With a fixed operating cost, our company will provide all components of the system, implement and maintain it. We will constantly expand the system and update it, so that the customer will always have an innovative product.

Most importantly, the responsibility for the system's operation will be removed from the recipient. The drone will no longer be a product, but a service.

Customize CableGuard to fulfill your needs

In our company, we are perfectly aware of the diverse requirements of our clients.

If you only need part of the equipment offered, for example: just gimbal or UAV without a power station, or in another configuration, for example: one camera or other models, write to us!
Our team of experts will help you make the right decision.


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