revolutionary magnetometer sensor

UAV components such as batteries, wiring, electronics, radios and motors distort the geomagnetic field near the sensors.
This results in false heading and position readings.

The PYXIS sensor eliminates distortions allowing for precise course measurements and error-free orientation in space:



  • fully compatible with Ardupilot and PX4
  • JST-GH connector guarantees secure connection with Autopilot “Cube”
  • possibility of integration with other systems on special order


  • up to 28x less noise
  • up to 15 times higher resolution


  • compact dimensions 22x22x15mm
  • weight less than 5g

Compatible with the most popular software

Precise and realiable measurements

PYXIS Hall effect sensor
20 nT/LSB resolution 300 nT/LSB
30 nT noise 500 nT
0.2 mA consumption 0.3 mA
-40 to +85 C temps -40 to +85 C

Compact size to fit every application