Custom engineering

check out how we bring your ideas to life


We are experts in aerodynamic design and optimization for low Reynolds numbers. During our design process, we use VLM and RANS fluid dynamics analysis software.


Destructive testing is an expensive process – that’s why we’ve mastered our skills in non-invasive and FEM analysis. We produce custom parts using additive manufacturing and CNC machines.

Composite structures

Our engineers have many years of experience in the field of designing and making various kinds of composite structures. Things like custom wings, fuselages, propellers and so on are now within your reach!


We specialize both in analog and digital design. Whether your new UAV needs a reliable power system, telemetry or an embedded system we got you covered from prototypes to mass production!



Our dedicated programming team is here to help you! We will provide you with state-of-the-art, scalable software solutions for embedded systems or PCs.  

Our Custom Projects:


This is a custom FOC (Field Oriented Control) Brushless DC Motor Driver designed for one of our clients.

It’s based on a 4 layer FR4 PCB and can handle currents up to 20A. 

It can be used for precise BLDC motor driving in UAV applications (gimbal, landing gear, etc.), modern robot constructions, and various applications where constant torque or speed is needed.


BlackBody – Thermal Camera High Precision Heat Source

This is a custom “BlackBody” – a High Precision Heat Source for thermal cameras calibration for human body temperature measurement in the A.I. monitoring system developed by one of our clients.

Thanks to the mathematical modeling and various simulations we were able to achieve +- 0.2C temperature setpoint precision and 99% of visible light absorption.

For the ease of use we also prepared a web-based interface for temperature setting and monitoring.


LWIR Micro Thermal Camera module for Single Board Computer

This a FLIR Lepton LWIR camera module solution tailored for one of our clients.

It contains all of the necessary circuitry for the LWIR camera, HD camera, Ethernet over SPI, and external temperature sensor.

It’s being used in A.I. human body temperature monitoring system.


Paramotor Synchronized Lighting System

Flyfocus is not only about Unmanned Aviation.

Together with “AirLight” we developed software and hardware for the most advanced and entertaining Paramotor Airshow System.

Microdrone Autopilot Software

Whenever we’re going to an expo, we need to explain how our Tethered Power System works. That’s why we created “ExpoMicroDrone”. It’s a small, 60g quadcopter based on our autopilot hardware and software written from scratch just for this purpose.

Just like it’s bigger brother “CableGuard”, it uses the same high-voltage technology that allows us to stay for days in the air!